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Published: 18th January 2012
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To the untrained eye, the shorts that you will see your average MMA (mixed martial arts to the layman) fighter wearing at the gym or on TV may not look anything special but you would be so wrong to think so! After reading this brief article you will go away being so impressed by the level of detail that goes in to a pair of MMA shorts that you will rue your ignorance... well maybe not but, if you're new to the sport and want to know what to look for if you're thinking of investing in a pair then read on.

MMA Shorts are specifically designed to withstand rigorous full contact of MMA but at the same time offer maximum comfort and allow unrestricted movement. I can hear you say, 'How do they do this?! Sounds awfully complicated!!

In response to the above, there are number of ways that MMA shorts fulfill their purpose, many brands exist and (although some brands may like to hype it up with marketing jargon) it's not all that complicated. Often more expensive than other pairs of sports shorts like those used for soccer or basket ball, there's a bit more that goes in to the making of MMA Shorts that I have simply attempted to describe below.

What kind of features could I expect find on a pair of MMA Shorts then?

Stretch Panels

Check out the inside leg of any brand of MMA Short and you're likely to find what's called a stretch panel. The stretch panel, often made from a spandex type material, is built in to the shorts to allow them to move more freely with the fighters movements without tearing or ripping. Also, because the stretch panel expands when pressure is forced against it, it is therefore much more comfortable than having some inflexible tough material in it's place.

Split Seams

Again, another common feature of MMA Shorts are split seams along the sides of the shorts. Split seams are exactly what they say they are and the size of the split seam on the side of the shorts varies in size depending on the brand, but they all serve the same purpose. The split seam allows for extra comfort and to aid unrestricted movement, especially for MMA enthusiasts of the large thigh variety! The unrestricted movement aspect is important when grappling and kicking, because as we all know MMA is about as full contact as a sport gets, and fighters tend to need to be pretty god damn flexible too! However not all shorts have the stretch panel feature, there are plenty of brands out there that just have a wider leg to serve the same purpose, personal choices and recommendations are usually just down to the preference of the wearer.

Dual Velcro Fastening

As well as having the standard drawstring (some brands even have variations on this, but that could be a whole new article on it's own!), MMA shorts usually feature a Velcro fastening strip on the front of the shorts as well as horizontally across the front of the waistband. This dual type of Velcro enclosure system is designed to make sure the shorts are as secure as possible once on, as well as concealing the drawstring, which if exposed could easily be pulled and loosened, which, given the full contact nature of MMA, could result in being caught with your pants down in a literal sense!

Lightweight and Quick Drying Material

MMA shorts are often made from lightweight (usually a polyester composite material) materials, that are quick drying and wick away moisture quickly. Again given that MMA fighters wear very little and need to be as agile as possible, you don't want the shorts you are wearing to be cumbersome and get in your way. You also don't want an overly absorbent pair of shorts, given the fact they are likely to come in to regular contact with blood, sweat and water (maybe tears too if you're not very good!). Please note however that just because MMA shorts are designed to repel liquids, are quick drying and reduce the growth of bacteria, you still have to wash them, unless of course you're a planning to win your next fight via some kind of 'stink out submission' technique!

Rubberised Waistbands

Not something that you will find on all types of MMA shorts, but more often than not at the higher end of the market will be a rubberised inner waistband. Designed with the aim of providing extra grip around the waist to reduce shift and movement of the shorts when worn and in use. The inner waistband of a lot of MMA shorts are lined with a rubber like material, a feature employed for the purpose of providing extra grip for the shorts around your waist. This extra grip helps to reduce shift and movement of the shorts when in use. As in any fast paced contact sport the split seconds count and you would rather not take your eye off the ball to keep adjusting your constantly moving shorts!

I tried to keep it brief, but there could be a lot more to add but we'll save that for another time. I hope that you can now go forth and scour the new world of MMA shorts armed with a little more (useful) knowledge than you had a few minutes ago!

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